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Our Supporters

Each year, we find individuals and organizations willing to support the Program so that it can continue to deliver the great experience it has for all our students. Please take a moment to see who helps us, and learn about our special campaigns.

If we have somehow omitted your name from our list, please get in touch with us! We want to recognize everyone who has generously helped the Program over the years.

If you would like to support the Environmental Science Program, or would just like to learn more about us, please go to our "How to Help" page.


The Newton Conservators (as in all past years)

Green Newton (formerly Green Decade)

Charles River Canoe and Kayak Rentals

The Newton TAB

Susan Shepherd Kochinskas,

Dr. Karen L. Sadler

Mark Hooker

Maren Rossman, NathanDerby

Marcy Kingsbury

Erica Caple James, Malick Ghachem

Shar Kelly, Peter M. Nielsen

Michelle Fineblum

Supporters from Past Years

Dr. Ciaran P. Kelly

Prof. Eric Olson

Dan Green

Stuart Freudberg

Patricia Fantuzzi-Welbourn, Robert Welbourn

Ruth Dain, Bill Dain

Marcia Cooper, Jeff Rosenberg

Ellen DeLaney

Ning Zou, Kai Cai

David Swartz, Lisa Fitzgerald, Dan Swartz

James Bryant

Joanne Hooker

Paul Rosenberg

Shifa Zhang

Leeann Simons

Dorothea Black

Alyce Kaprow

Dr. David Keyes

Howard S. Weiss

John L. Grandin III, Anders Peterson

James Aronson, Susannah Heschel

Clement Su

Seema Chowdhury and Elliot T. Williams

Lisa Holahan

Dr. Alex White

Beth Wilkinson

Garen Corbett

Michelle Fineblum, Michael Gevelber

Soontaree Jamden

Beth Holmberg and Sarah Elkind

Mindy Gregory Sieber

Dr. Donald Berwick

R. Lisle Baker

William Contente

Charles River Neighborhood Foundation

The Village Bank

Logowitz and Company

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