2015 Photos

First Week of Camp (click on central image for expanded view and descriptions; click to the left or right of central image to navigate through photos)

Canoe Prep Day: Campers prepare for the following day's 12-mile canoe trip by removing water chestnuts, an invasive species that covers the Charles River

Canoe Day!

Flowed Meadow Trail Improvement Day

Blue Hills Trip 

Mt. Monadnock Trip

2015 Photos from Mt. Washington (click for enlarged view)
For live footage of the summit of Mt. Washington, click here.

Every year, EnviSci stops by at this restaurant for breakfast

EnviSci is ready!

Campers and leaders carry these heavy frame packs so that they have enough to make it through the three days of the Mt. Washington trip

The hut crew cooks up a delicious breakfast for EnviSci

This mountain group has reached the summit!

Leaders (unwisely) swim in the lake by the hut. Campers are not allowed to do so.

Rooms are clearly kept extremely clean

EnviSci is ready to head back home!

This Mountain group begins its trip back down the mountain